2008-07-27 в 00:10 

Fly in blue И все закончилось хорошо. :vict:

2008-07-28 в 07:22 

Ты заходи, если что. (с)
Конечно! Я люблю хеппи-энды :)

2008-09-23 в 19:26 

I didn't warn that it was a 'death fic' because it wasn't. None of the SG-1 characters died. If I had warned for 'character death' it would have been wrong. You (Fly in Blue) have translated this, and other stories of mine without my permission. I take that as a compliment, although you should have asked permission of all the authors you have translated for this site. Most would probably have happily given permission if asked. I also worry that the translation could be giving the readers of my stories, especially this one, a wrong impression.

Perhaps you should consider contacting the authors of the stories before posting translations in future? I have been asked by several people if they could translate my works into other languages and I have always agreed. Asking permission is the right thing to do.



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